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Planet Huggers PeRfEcT PluMpSKLos


Dragonfly Deluxe Compost Crapper

Sink, sawdust box, gravity feed

I must confess...


Compost Toilet Sink and Lids

Kirk Yard Shiplap Compost Toilet

Seagull Midi Loo Box

More tea, Vicar?

Seagull Midi Loo Box

Compost Crapper Bowls

Beehive compost bin

Chocks away! Rear Bomber hatch.

Owl Midi Loo Box

Pigeon Compact Box Loo

Alpaca Midi Loo

Dragonfly Deluxe Compost Loo

Pirate Theme His and Hers Compost Poop Decks

Captain's Booty

Separation Technology

Bear Behind

The honey pot

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