Beautiful Composting Toilets and Kits for Every Budget!


Imagine a world where everyone composted with their toilet instead of polluting the water supply!

In a world where pollution is at the forefront of what we do as a species; Wee Hoose's compost toilets are a solution to part of that problem. This isn't a grand claim, it could not be more true.

All Wee Hoose products are simple, effective, and pro-earth; positive products which work with nature instead of against it. We invite you to change the planet from the bottom up!

The Wee Hoose compost loo is a not just a toilet, it is a positive symbol of hope and change.

Regular flush toilet
Sewage from reular flush toilets
Compost Toilet
3 stage compost area

How do our compost toilets work?

Unlike old compost drop loos, like Shrek uses,








or a smelly single bucket set-up, we use a simple separation system.

Our separator compost loos are super hygienic and odour-free compared with other systems; saving up to 80% container volume and sawdust, which means better value, less emptying, and more time for fun stuff instead.

The separation system is simple!

Our plumb-free water-free hygienic separation system diverts the No.2 to the back and the wee (No.1) to the front:1's and 2's go in to separate containers. No handles, no vents, no electrics, no gizmos.

Simplicity under the loo seat.

Shrek compost toilet
Sawdust copy.jpg
Compost Toilet Separator - Wee Hooses
Compost Toilet Sawdust - Wee Hooses


A dry No.2 is a good No.2!

To keep things dry and start the composting process, each user must sprinkle a handful of lovely sawdust, wood shavings, peat, or similar, over their No.2 . 

Using sawdust will not only keep things dry it will also make your loo smell really nice.

"Mmm...pine freshness!"

Once full, the containers can then be emptied: The wee can go directly on to the soil, or diluted with water for brilliant plant fertiliser, and the sawdust mix can be put directly in to a compost bin or heap with your other composting materials for great compost.

How long will the containers last until they need emptying?

The compost toilet container for No.2s will last around 30 uses and the wee container can last for around 30, but, you can also opt to have the wee directed to a larger container outside, or a soak-away under the loo. When you use a soak-away you needn't worry about dealing with the wee again. The loo comes with extra pipe if you choose to have a soak-away.

10 litre Compost Toilet Urine Container - Wee Hooses
20 litre compst toilet solids container - Wee Hooses

What is a soak-away?

A soak-away for your loo is a hole approximately 2ft deep and foot wide filled with gravel. The pipe for the wee goes from your separator through the bottom of the loo and in to the soak-away. Nature does the rest.

For regulations see our regulations page.

Compos Toilet Soak-away hole - Wee Hooses
3 tier compost toilet area - Wee Hooses
Compost Toilet  Compost Bin Wee Hooses

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